Easter News!

Let’s celebrate Spring Season and the joy of Easter with fun filled Easter themed chocolates from Duc de Praslin. Easter a festival and holiday celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. To represent the holiday, we have whipped up and fun chocolate Eggs, chickens and bunny rabbits. Eggs in general, were a traditional symbol of fertility, and rebirth. In Christianity, for the celebration of Eastertide, Easter eggs symbolize the empty tomb of Jesus: a bird hatches from it with life; similarly, the Easter egg, for Christians, is a reminder that Jesus rose from the grave, and that those who believe will also experience eternal life. For the year 2015, Easter lands on April 5.

Duc de Praslin invites to celebrate Easter and taste delicious Belgian chocolate with our artisan chocolate techniques incorporated in each individual chocolate masterpiece. Don’t miss to taste our Joyous Bunny, a signature symbol of this cheerful holiday.

Share the fun season with your loved ones by sharing small super cute goody bags filled with adorable Chocolate eggs wrapped in cute pastel colours.

Our masterpiece and your centrepiece! Bring home our giant Egg filled with small wrapped chocolate eggs, a special item find only at Duc de Prasln Chocolaterie Belgium!

A favourite product in all seasons, don’t forget our Chocolate lollies in Easter designs available in creamy white and milk chocolate.

For those who find chocolates in a basket cute and a great gift, don’t miss our Chicken & Eggs in a basket or our large milk chocolate swirled egg in a basket.

Easter has great importance to the Christian religion, which may seem rather unfamiliar to Thais that may be Bhuddhist or other religions but Duc de Praslin would like to make this festival more widely known and enjoyed. Visit our outlets to enjoy delicious Belgian chocolates in delightful Easter characters and to find out more about the Easter festival.